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Every Third Thursday of the Month | 7 p.m.

Memorial Care Saddleback Medical Center
Women’s Health Pavilion – Community Education Center
24401 Health Center Drive, 2nd Floor
Laguna Hills, CA 9265
(949) 452-7200 Facility Phone Number
Hospital Main Line (949) 837-4500

*Please note: This brand-new facility is across the street from the main hospital entrance and has its own parking lot with convenient, complimentary parking. Map not yet available.

Information rests not upon truth alone, but upon mistake also.

Carl Gustav Jung

About our meetings

Our meetings are meant to offer support, education, and hope to people with spinal issues.

Each session will feature a new topic and an occasional guest speaker to facilitate discussion on that topic.

Some of the subjects we cover include occipital neuralgia, radiculopathy, depression, myopathy, myelopathy, and neuropathy to name a few.

These meetings offer a space for you to share your experience living with your condition, tips that have helped you cope, and solutions that have helped improve your quality of life. You are not alone.

Anyone over 18 (or under 18 with a legal adult) who has spinal issues are welcome to share their experiences with us as well as care takers and family/friends of those with spinal issues.

Each month we address a specific topic with a speaker, then we have our share session which can be on any topic related to a spinal condition.

Please always remain respectful.

No political talk allowed at these meetings.

Please understand that the professionals that speak at these meetings are NOT here to give medical advice. If you wish medical advice from one of the speakers, please book an appointment with them directly.

Register for our next meeting. Registration is not required but it would sure help us to know how many to plan for.